Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pregnancy Update (Oreo x Sophie breeding)

Sophie has been doing really well throughout this entire pregnancy.  She really hasn’t skipped a beat.  She has had a great appetite and has been carrying on like her usual sweet self.  She is even more cuddly than usual and we are giving her all the snuggles her dear heart desires.  I have noticed that she is markedly more careful in her play.  She seems to know that she is carrying a precious cargo and is not nearly as boisterous as she would usually be when playing with Kelly.

Today Sophie is 55 days from ovulation.  We know this because we ran progesterone tests when she was in season.  Progesterone levels in the bitch are low before they come in season and as their season progresses progesterone begins to rise.  Ovulation occurs when the levels go over 5ng/ml.  Sophie ovulated on December 5th or 6th.  It takes approximately 48 hours for the eggs to become fertile and they are then viable for another 48 hours or so.  I like to use progesterone testing because it helps me to know when will be the right time to breed my girls in order to optimize conception.  Knowing when ovulation has occurred also gives me a due date, since for the most part, whelping will occur 63 days from ovulation.  

For the past few days we have been able to feel movement in Sophie’s abdomen which is always such a thrill and now we can even hear the rapid tic, tic, tic, of a puppy’s heartbeat with the stethoscope.

If you are interested in seeing what goes on in the womb of a pregnant bitch, National Geographic has produced an amazing video "In the Womb" that explores the process from conception to birth. 

We are expecting Sophie to have her pups on or about next Thursday (Feb. 6th).  It’s cold and gray outside today, the perfect day for staying home and setting up the whelping room.  We are so looking forward to these Oreo x Sophie puppies and we are hoping and praying that all continues to go well.  

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