Thursday, November 5, 2015

Beazie, Airport Pet Therapy Dog

I am delighted to share that Beazie (Northrock's Beatrix de Beziers), one of the puppies from our Chmurnik x Sophie litter is now a working Pet Therapy dog.  Beazie lives in Providence, Rhode Island.  She is part of the Pet Therapy program instituted earlier this year at TF Green Airport which helps to alleviate the stress of flying experienced by many travellers.

Along with her owner, Mary Reineman, Beazie enjoys her job greeting passengers that are waiting for their flights.  She loves people and her friendly nature is well suited to the task.  Mary writes that "she was so much fun to train for this program, it is something that we both enjoy doing together and it has been rewarding!!" I am so pleased that Mary and Beazie are enjoying their time together and helping others in the process.  Beazie is a wonderful ambassador for the Barbet.

Thus far the program has been hugely successful and similar programs are in place at other airports.  The PVD Pet Therapy dogs undergo intensive training and have to pass a strict certification process to make sure they have the correct temperament to handle the busy atmosphere of the airport. All PVD Pet Therapy dogs are expected to be calm and well mannered on leash, behave well around other dogs and be comfortable in large crowds.

Beazie volunteering at the airport on halloween dressed as a lion .

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  1. We are thrilled to have Beazie and her mom on our winning PVD Pups Team! Beazie is charming and makes everyone smile!
    Susan Parker ~ Trainer at Dynamic Dog Training & Director of PVD Pups Pet Therapy Program!