Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Billy x Lexi Litter - Two Weeks Old

The End of the Neo-Natal Period (1-14 days)

Lexi and her pups - May 25
Harry - One Week
So much has happened concerning the growth and development of the Billy and Lexi puppies during the last two weeks.

Hermione - One Week
Ron - One Week
At birth the puppies are completely dependent on their dam.  Their eyes and ears are not yet open and Lexi is responsible not just for feeding them, but also for helping them to eliminate.  The puppies can crawl around in the whelping box and will gravitate towards their mother's warmth seeking out a source of heat and nourishment.  It's important that they have access to a heat source as they cannot regulate their own temperature and could easily become chilled.  Preferably, this is their mother's body and Lexi spends all her time in the whelping box except to leave for potty breaks.  During the first week she would not even leave the box to eat or drink and so I would bring her water several times a day and all of her meals to the box.

Breakfast in bed for Lexi on May 28
When she is not in the box with them I  provide an additional source of heat for the puppies and it's amazing how they will move towards it as needed and if they are feeling too warm they will likewise move off of it.
Ron, Hermione and Harry - June 3
Now that the puppies are two weeks old they are much more mobile, even getting up on their legs and toddling about.  Their eyes and ears have opened and they are gaining well.  Lexi spends more time out of the box but is quick to hop back in throughout the day - she is a very attentive mother.

These early days with the puppies are precious and the time passes so quickly.  Soon we will be getting ready to move to a bigger pen and introducing the puppies to more enriching stimuli.  We are looking forward to the weeks ahead.
Harry - Two weeks
Hermione - Two weeks

Ron - Two weeks
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  1. Billy is proud on his puppies en dear lexi. He sends his love and kisses!