Tuesday, May 15, 2018

A Gathering of Northrock Barbets

This past Saturday, families with puppies from the 2017 litters gathered together at the home of Susan and Erik Luyendyk to socialize together with our dogs for games, hikes, swims in the pond and a buffet pot-luck lunch.
It was wonderful seeing everyone together and I'm so glad that families with puppies from each litter were able to attend.  We missed the ones who couldn't make it and hopefully they will be able to join us when we do it again at a future date.
The weather was perfect - not to hot and not too cool and the dogs had a fabulous time running and playing together.  The pond was a big attraction and watching them swim, wade and even jump off the dock was a joy to behold. 

Rebelyn and Jax, Paul and Marie, the Kellys and Louis, Mike and Leo
Joy and Thea, Susan and Stephanie & Kelly, Ellie, Rizzo and Stephanie
Susan and Ellie, Lise and Ellie
I know I speak for us all as I extend my gratitude to the Luyendyks who own Marie (UKC/ CKC CH Northrock's Forever Yours CGN).  Your hospitality is so much appreciated and we all had a marvellous day! 

I'm sure all of our dogs were tired when they got home and had happy dreams of games of chase, splashing in the water and getting all sorts of attention from the humans who were in attendance. 

There was a great deal of laughter and everyone all got along so well.  I'm really proud of the dogs who are growing up to be such nice canine citizens and of their humans for giving them such great homes.

Thank you everyone for sharing this special day and helping to create these great memories!  

Such a great opportunity for the dogs to try the agility equipment that was available for them to explore.  The Barbets were such good sports during the dress up race!

There are more photos to see which can be found in the Northrock Barbets Facebook Page album 

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