Sunday, December 15, 2019

The Polo & Gracie Puppies: One Week Old

Well the pups' first week is in the books.  Everyone has gained and Gracie has settled into to the routine of feeding, cleaning and caring for her little ones. She's being a very good mother and I'm so pleased. 

We have started Early Neurological Stimulation exercises with the puppies as well as Early Scent Introduction which is always fun to do.  Things are kept quiet in the whelping room during the first week. The other dogs in the household remain downstairs and I focus on giving care to Gracie and supporting her in her new role.  In the first few days she was very reluctant to leave her babies so I would feed all her meals to her in the whelping box.  She is a sweet and caring mother and I look forward to watching her relationship with her puppies develop as the weeks unfold.

The theme for this litter is "WINTER" and these will be the names of the puppies while they are with us before they leave for their new homes. 
There are six male puppies and three females.

The males are:                                              The females are:
Dark Blue Collar - Winter                              Pink Collar - Cocoa
Black Collar - Blizzard                                   Red Collar - Mittens
Purple Collar - Chilly                                     Yellow Collar - Crystal
Green Collar - Aspen
Orange Collar - Cider
Light Blue Collar - Frosty

If you would like to follow the progress of this litter please like our Facebook Page where more frequent updates, photos and videos will be posted.

More information about this exciting breeding is available on our website. If you are interested in a puppy for show, performance or as a loving companion, please send us an email providing information about yourself, where you live, they type of puppy you are looking for and the home that you can provide to one of our puppies. 

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