Monday, January 27, 2020

The Polo x Gracie Puppies: Seven Weeks Old

We had a great week! 

The puppies got outside a lot to play. We went outside several times a day to play for outside recess.  They are also learning that sometimes it's just a quick trip out to potty and then back indoors. 

Here is a video of the puppies enjoying playing in the snow!

Following mama Gracie
Crystal enjoying eating the snow!

A late night potty break and then back inside before shutting off the lights and saying goodnight until morning. I'm so proud of these pups who are doing a really good job making the right choices and using the potty box inside and learning to eliminate outside on snow and grass.

Calling the puppies inside for lunch reinforces the value of coming when called to "pup, pup, pup"

We continued to have lots of visitors which is always so good for the puppies.  All in all it was another wonderful week with the Polo x Gracie puppies.  

If you would like to follow the progress of this litter please like our Facebook Page where more frequent updates, photos and videos will be posted.

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