Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The Beau x Rizzo Puppies: 1 Week Old

The arrival of this much anticipated litter has been a bright light during these bleak days of social isolation and growing concern for our community.  March 2020 will always be remembered as the month the country was on lock down to slow the spread of COVID-19....  When feelings of worry start mounting, I'm so incredibly grateful to be able to turn my focus towards the whelping box and the poignant reminder that life goes on and hope grows.

Rizzo is proving to be a natural mother.  Attentive, responsive and gentle to her puppies and under her care they are flourishing.  Her daughters are all very consistent in weight at 1 lb, 8 oz and her chunky son is a hefty 1 lb and 14 oz.  They are a content bunch with glossy coats and full bellies.

During the first week of life puppies are incredibly vulnerable.  Their eyes and ears are closed and they are not able to maintain their own body temperature so must be kept warm, away from drafts.  

Mama Rizzo provides an excellent heat source and warm fleece bedding offers good traction for developing joints.  Rizzo's job is to feed her puppies well and keep them clean by stimulating them to urinate and defecate.  

In addition to lots of gentle handling by our family members I weigh the puppies two times a day to monitor their growth.  They have had their nails trimmed and Early Neurological Stimulation exercises have been started. The puppies are also being exposed to new scents in the form of Early Scent Introduction.  

Rizzo's co-owner's name is Joy and Rizzo's registered name is Northrock's For the Joy of It.  In light of this I really can't think of a better theme for this litter than Happiness...For the duration of the time that these precious pups will be with us, blue collar boy will now be known as "Jolly", pink collar girl will be "Merry", red collar girl will be "Giggles" and purple collar girl will be "Happy".

I hope that following the development of this litter will bring you all much happiness. I invite you to like our Northrock Barbets Facebook Page where photos and videos will be posted on a regular basis for you to enJOY.

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