Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The Beau x Rizzo Puppies: 7 Weeks Old

The pups enjoyed another happy week here at Northrock with lots of play outside and exploring different rooms in the house.  They love playing with the equipment in their pens and the upside down turtle pool lid and swing are new favourites. 

The items in their indoor pen continue to be rotated and they still really enjoy interacting with their adventure box. 
We continue to play lots of different sounds for the puppies and rotate the speaker around the room. The pups are also going outside regularly for lots of potty breaks.  In this video they are playing outside while our "invisible group of children" plays on the speaker in the background.
Rizzo is a patient mother to her puppies and continues to enjoy spending time with them.

Puppy socialization during COVID-19 has caused us to make some adjustments to our protocols.  We can't take the puppies to yoga classes or for coffee and tea visits and we certainly aren't able to have the regular stream of visitors come to our home.  Because we couldn't introduce them to new people, we did our best to change our own appearances.  We wore wigs, and costumes, masks and even put on different scents. Our entire family had fun playing dress up. The puppies didn't seem to skip a beat and everyone had fun.

 I hope that following the development of this litter will bring you all much happiness. I invite you to like our Northrock Barbets Facebook Page where photos and videos will be posted on a regular basis for you to enJOY.

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