Friday, October 9, 2020

The Jack x Edie Puppies: Week Three

What a week it's been for the Jack and Edie puppies.  All of their senses have finally come online.  Eyes were all open at the beginning of the week and midway through the week they were able to hear.  Although they are still very nearsighted and their hearing isn't perfect, it's still a very big step forward. These new senses team up with their being able to feel, taste and smell which they could do from birth. Oh and instead of the quiet cries and chirps and trills the puppies would sometimes make, now their voices are projecting all sorts of yips and yodels and baby dog barks.

They can toddle about the box and are able to climb out so a door that their mom is able to step over has been put into the entry of the box to keep everyone contained and safe.  The puppies sleep a lot but when they are awake for a bit after having nursed they are very entertaining. Now the puppies have begun to play with one another and their mother.  I truly could sit and watch them for hours on end.

I'm still weighing the puppies twice a day to make sure that everyone is gaining as they should. I'm very glad to say that by the end of the week the puppies all weighed more than four times their birth weight and are doing well. 

Edie is a really wonderful mother to her little ones. These days she spends more time outside of the whelping box but goes in regularly to feed and clean up after her puppies. I continue to support her with a whole lot of food, fresh cold water and a great deal of love and affection.  

Another milestone was achieved this week which was the beginning stages of potty training. Pee pads were added to one side of their box and the puppies have been very good at going over to them to eliminate. 

We've a had a few visitors this week which is good for the puppies and Edie seems quite happy to show off her little family and was very welcoming to our close family friends who came to say hello.

I am treasuring each day with Edie and her puppies.  It's always a wonder and a joy to witness the growth and development of each puppy and the tenderness their mother shows to them.

These puppies have all been spoken for. If you would like to follow the litter's progress please join us on Facebook and like our Northrock Barbets page to see frequent updates and photos.  

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  1. I was wondering when Edie resumed her regular activities after the puppies were born?