Friday, November 6, 2020

The Jack x Edie Puppies: Week Seven

The Jack and Edie puppies had a great week - they were able to spend time playing outside and I'm please to say that they are doing very well with going out to potty. When inside they consistently use the litter boxes to eliminate in but they have multiple opportunities to go to the bathroom outside.

The weather has been nice and we've enjoyed going out to play many times a day.

Mealtime on October 30th

The mealtime routine is much more civilized than it was a few short weeks ago.  

Enjoying some recreational bones in the laundry room while the washer was going gave the Jack and Edie puppies an opportunity to acclimate to a new environment whilst enjoying something pleasant.

The puppies have a larger wire crate in their pen and they are getting used to going in there for naps.

The puppies are socialized to a select group of people who are within our pandemic bubble so they are meeting and visiting with people besides our immediate family.  We are grateful to them for helping us to give these puppies a great start. Of course our own family is in charge of the bedtime cuddles. 

The puppies are getting used to being placed on the grooming table which helps them to become familiar with being up high in preparation for their vet visit and for the future grooming sessions. Check back next week for our next diary entry with the Jack x Edie puppies.

These puppies have all been spoken for. If you would like to follow the litter's progress please join us on Facebook and like our Northrock Barbets page to see frequent updates and photos.