Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fabulous Fall Weather

My dogs are tired now and sleeping legs up in the air on their backs.  We have been having such wonderful weather these last few days but the forcast calls for rain and showers for the next several days :0(  I decided we would take advantage of today's sunshine and after I dropped the kids off at school the dogs and I went for a long walk in Sunnybrook Park.   It was warm and sunny, we hiked along trails, over bridges and ran across the fields.  I brought my camera but the batteries had no more life left in them so I have no photos to share with you.  I do however, have some photos I took yesterday when the dogs were keeping me company while I raked leaves.  I love the fall!
Quincy in the leaves - Tollers look great in fall photos.
My boy looks good for a 10 year old no?  His Grandma just turned 16.  I think Quincy has got a lot of life left in him yet :0)

 It's hard to take photos of black hairy dogs but here you can see Sophie's eyes! 
My two treasures....Quincy always looks like he is smiling....

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