Sunday, August 5, 2012

Northrock's A-Team has arrived!

Pre-labour...waiting for puppies in the whelping pool.
Northrock's A litter has arrived safe and sound.  Yesterday, August 4th, 2012 we welcomed Coco and Dougy's puppies to the world.  Active labour began around 2:15pm with Coco having a few small contractions which combined with squinty eyes and heavy panting gave me a pretty good feeling I would be seeing a puppy soon.   At 2:25 Coco delivered her first pup.  Mr. Blue arrived head first and weighed 10 1/4 oz.  At 6:10pm puppy # 9, Miss. Maroon was born.  Coco seemed to be finished and I cleaned up and moved the gang out of the pool and into the whelping box.  I thank God for the ease of this whelping as all pups were born strong and healthy and are doing great.

Coco with her 9 babes...thought we were done LOL
Well apparently Coco wasn't quite done having pups.  At 7:40 pm she whelped Mr. Gray followed shortly thereafter by his sister Miss. Tan.  At last, the A-Team had arrived!  Here are the 6 boys and 5 girls (all black) listed in birth order:

Mr. Blue, born at 2:25pm - 10 1/4 oz
Mr. Green, born at 3:23 pm - 11 1/2 oz
Mr. Yellow, born at 4:12 pm - 12 1/4 oz
Miss. Purple, born at 4:38pm - 11 1/2 oz
Mr. White, born at 4:51 pm - 10 3/4 oz
Miss. Red, born at 5:10 pm - 11 1/2 oz
Mr. Brown, born at 5:25 pm - 9 1/4 oz
Miss. Orange, born at 6:00pm - 10 1/4 oz
Miss. Maroon, born at 6:10pm - 10 1/2 oz
Mr. Gray, born at 7:40pm - 10 7/8 oz
Miss. Tan, born at 8:05pm - 12 3/4 oz

Northrock's A Litter - Born August 4, 2012

Thanks to everyone who has helped make this blessed event possible; Pam, Michel, Bobby & Sylvie, Julie and Kevin, Michelle and Chris...and everyone else who's support and encouragement means the world to me.  Thank you all!

Happy Coco with her rainbow of pups.

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