Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Milky Way

Eleven puppies require a lot of milk!  The good thing is that when it comes to breast milk, the more you nurse the more your milk supply builds up to meet the demand. 

Cold fresh service style
Coco is being such a good mother to her puppies.  We are making sure that she gets lots of rest and plenty to drink.  We are providing her with lots of water and also a milk mixture consisting of goats milk, raw egg, oil and a bit of honey.  She is eating good wholesome meals spread out in smaller portions several times a day.  Mother care is of prime importance.  Stress and fatigue can interfere with milk production so we are not having visitors right now and the other dogs are kept downstairs so that Coco can focus on looking after her babies. 

Nursing puppies requires an increased intake of fluids.  When I was nursing my children I always made sure I had a glass of water with me.  Because she spends so much time in the whelping box, I will often bring Coco her water directly to her.  She prefers it to be cold and fresh - every time.  Yes Ma'am!  Whatever it takes to make sure you are drinking enough :0) 

All of Coco and Dougy's puppies are doing well. Here they are in the whelping box on day 4.
I am so thankful that Coco and her babies are doing well and we are doing our best to keep things going as smoothly as possible.

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