Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pupdate: Northrock A-Litter - Day 8

weigh-in on day 6
Our Northrock A-litter puppies are now 8 days old.  They are strong pups and getting quite quick at moving around in the whelping box.  They have grown so much since they were born.  All but two have already doubled their birth weights and I image by the end of the day today Miss. Red and Miss. Tan will also have doubled their weight as they are not far off the mark.

Miss. Orange - Day 8

Mr. Blue - Day 8
Mr. White - Day 8
Although the puppies cannot see and hear yet they can feel, taste and smell.  As soon as Coco enters the box it’s amazing how fast they can motor over to her and latch on to a nipple.   My daughter had some friends over this weekend and the girls had the opportunity to sit and cuddle with puppies.  The time is going by so quickly and I am enjoying every minute of it.

Miss. Red snuggles up after a long feeding.

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