Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Winston x Sophie Puppies are 3 Weeks Old

It's been another great week for Northrock's E litter.  The pups eyes are all open now.  They had toys added to their whelping box during this last week and have slowly begun to interact with them.  They are also beginning to play with one another.  Mouthing and batting at each other and with Sophie.  I could sit and watch them for hours on end.
Minx and Duke

The pups are also up on their feet now and are moving about the whelping box.  It's not the most graceful movement but they are most definitely up and about and enjoying their new found ability to explore.  We had to add the door to the whelping box as they had figured out how to climb over the pig rail and out of the box!

Here is a video of the pups at 2 1/2 weeks old.

These little pups are growing quickly and the weeks ahead will be lots of fun as we get to know their little personalities.  
Rogue - 3 weeks
Duke - 3 weeks
Minx - 3 weeks
Duchess - 3 weeks
Lady - 3 weeks

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