Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Winston x Sophie Puppies are 4 Weeks Old.

The pups had a great week.  Last Sunday they made the big move from the guest bedroom to what would be our dining room on the main floor of the house.  This space is located right next to the kitchen and the living room so the pups are exposed to all of the household sights, smells and sounds of everyday life.  They still have their whelping box which made the move with them but they now have access to a potty box and a small play area.  Already the pups have been making use of the potty box.  Upon waking they toddle over to the box to eliminate.  I'm so pleased with these little puppies.

The radio is always playing and is usually set to the classical music station. We have also started to use the various sound effect CDs that we have to help the puppies get used to the noises of gunfire, thunderstorms, babies crying etc..  They are growing so much from one day to the next.  

It's such a joy to watch them interact with one another and their dam and to see how they use the toys in their set up.  Their teeth have not yet erupted but it won't be long now and they are busy mouthing anything they can get their little gums on. 

The pups were given their first solids meal of ground turkey with bone mixed with goat's milk which they thoroughly enjoyed.  

Visitors have been a regular occurrence this past week and the puppies are getting lots of exposure to men, women and children.  It's an adorable age and we spend countless hours cuddling with the puppies. 

Here are the photos of the puppies taken today when they turned 4 weeks old.

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