Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Mouss x Lexi Puppies are 7 Weeks Old

The Muppets have had a busy week full of new experiences and happy visits. Toronto experienced a "wintermission" with warm weather that melted all the snow and afforded us several trips outside for recess periods with the puppies and further opportunities to eat in a different location.

Playing outside with Lexi on Jan 23
The saucer is always popular!
Running around in the sunshine - Jan 24
The puppies are teething and chewing on appropriate chew toys like kongs and rope toys feels good and helps for them to develop good chew toy habits but we also like to give them some bones to gnaw on and they were very appreciative of them! 

New things to interact with in their indoor pen provide further enrichment for the puppies.  Here they are enjoying the ball pool.

Playing with the other dogs in the home - here Kermit has some positive interaction with Summer.
The adventure box continued to delight the puppies.

And of course lots of visitors have come by to help socialize our puppies and we are always appreciative of them sharing their time with us.  

I hope you enjoy our blog posts about Northrock's "H" litter.  If you would like to see more photos and videos of the pups I invite you to like our Facebook page Northrock Barbets where I try to post photos of the little Muppets on a daily basis.

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