Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Mouss x Lexi Puppies are 9 Weeks Old

What a busy 2 weeks it has been for the Muppets.  So much has happened!  We kicked of their eighth week with a field trip to Fuzion Fitness And Yoga studio for family yoga with puppies.  What fun everyone had.  The outing was a wonderful opportunity for the puppies to experience riding in crates in the car, to explore a safe new environment and meet lots of friendly people.
We have had so many visitors come by to help socialize the puppies.  I am so very grateful to them for sharing their time with us at Northrock.  
It's very much appreciated.

Winter litters can sometimes be challenging having to deal with inclement weather so we have given the puppies lots of opportunities to play in the house. Visiting different rooms and keeping their indoor pen interesting with new toys to play with, structures to climb and wobble on etc.

We do try to get outside to play as often as possible - the puppies enjoy the snow and fresh air!

During these last two weeks the puppies have had their temperaments tested, been evaluated for breed type and structure, seen a canine chiropractor and had their veterinary check up!  It's been a very full calendar of events and throughout it all the puppies handled each new experience beautifully. 

We had a great visit with Lexi's family.  I'm so thankful for the wonderful friendships that have come about because this special breed had come into our lives. Lexi is a real sweetheart and she has an amazing family.

From left to right at eight weeks old the Muppets are:
Rowlf, Beaker, Gonzo, Fozzie, Miss. Piggy, Kermit, Camilla and Scooter

I hope you enjoy our blog posts about Northrock's "H" litter.  If you would like to see more photos and videos of the pups I invite you to like our Facebook page Northrock Barbets where I try to post photos of the little Muppets on a daily basis.

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