Thursday, February 28, 2019

Pascal x Summer Puppies: Six Weeks Old

We are so in love with these curious and playful puppies.  They had a wonderful week and seem so very much like little dogs now.  They are far more co-ordinated than they were even just a week ago and enjoy climbing over and under things.  The adventure box is still a source of great fun for them and the tunnel is another favourite.
They are little chewing machines now that their teeth have really broken through their gums and making sure that they have appropriate chew toys as well as bones to help ease their desire to gnaw and chew goes a long way.
Amazingly we've had a break in the cold weather and heavy snow and managed to get outside for some fresh air this week.  It was a very positive experience for the puppies and we are so happy with how well they handled the new experience.  


We rotate the items in the puppy pen on a regular basis so that the puppies get to experience novel stimuli.  We're also having them out and exploring other rooms in the house, listening to sound recordings, eating out of different containers, and visiting with the other dogs in the house.


Frequent updates and photos are posted on our Northrock Barbets Facebook Page if you would like to follow the litter's progress.  You don't need to have a facebook account to view them.

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