Thursday, March 7, 2019

Pascal x Summer Puppies: Seven Weeks Old

This has been another fun week with Bert and Ernie.  They have been spending a lot of time outside of their puppy pen, visiting different rooms in the house and have had two car trips and visits away from our house.

Their teeth are really coming in and their biting is getting harder!  Lots of appropriate chew toys and bones are provided for them and they are learning bite inhibition when they play with one another and the older dogs.

Providing a little "bridge" to climb on in their pen helps them to learn about edges and they enjoy the novelty of the new item.  They are also having fun playing with the slide.   And the hot dog scent trail was a big hit!

First Bath for Ernie

The puppies had their first baths this week and handled the experience very well.  

Although the weather outside has been cold and windy, we've taken advantage of breaks in the weather and sunny skies to get outside for brief recesses with the puppies. 

Puppies in our litters are usually identified with small puppy collars.  Those weren't needed for Bert and Ernie so this week we began habituating them to the collar.  These aren't break away collars so we only put them on the puppies when they are being supervised.  We wouldn't want them to accidentally get caught up on anything with the collars. 

Our time with these precious puppies is soon coming to a close and we are treasuring these last few weeks with them.

Frequent updates and photos are posted on our Northrock Barbets Facebook Page if you would like to follow the litter's progress.  
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